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DW Martin’s, located in Kochi, is a mainstream ‘Custom Furniture Manufacturing and Interior Furnishing’ company. Brainchild of Mr. Martin, the company is the result of his passionate and relentless drive to build a center of eclectic furnishing that would cater to the lifestyles and budgets of customers. Tailored furniture that are inspired by contemporary trends and showcase the superior skills of experienced craftsmen are the treasured assets of our stores. Eclecticism in furniture is brought about by experimentation with various ideas. Mr. Martin leverages his 35 years of relevant industry experience and knowledge inherited from ancestors to breathe new life into wood.

A motivated team of talented, instinctive and extensively skilled Malayalee workers toil hard to shape wood into mesmerizing and intricately carved furniture. Their passion to excel is mirrored from every piece. Each of the skilled carpentry artisans has been rendering their services for us for more than 25 years during which they have consummated as professional artists. Mr. Martin individually supervises the entire workflow and meticulously looks after the integrity of details and adherence to specifications. Mr. Nidish Babu, the nephew of Mr. Martin, also shares his passion. His penchant for finer art manifests itself through intricate, stylish, swanky, elegant, and embellished works which make interior designs and woodwork glow in its own resplendence. For us, quality reigns supreme.

We are always willing to walk the extra mile to offer optimum quality to our clients for their money. Cost competitive signature products from our flagship stores would bring your interiors to life. Apart from being the focal point of your décor, the beautiful work of art would elevate your lifestyle. Make a bold and stylish statement of your refined preferences by shopping for choicest furnishing and interior design objects from our exclusive showroom at Ernakulam. As you would step in, you would catch sight of eclectic work of art of superior quality and finishing. Our range of products and professional approach would win your heart as you would walk through the surreal ambiance of our purposefully decked up showroom.


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Fahad Fazil It was a great experience associating with DW Martin’s. Really professional people who listen to all your queries and suggestions patiently. We had certain...
Fahad Fazil

Fahad Fazil
Cine Artist

Likhith. K. Job Whenever our clients have really unique requirements that need creative juices flowing, our first choice has always been DW Martin’s. They come up with unique...
Likhith. K. Job

Likhith. K. Job
Chief Designer

Great design

When we first met the DW Martin team, we knew we had found what we needed: a group of enthusiastic, sensitive designers. And also as we soon found talented...

Great design

Dr. Sumana Moorthy

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